Thank Your Air Handler for Clean, Well-Circulated Air .

The ideal fit for all your home’s heating and air conditioning needs, an air handler helps provide clean, filtered air and circulate it throughout your home. This system is typically combined with a heat pump in a split system, but they also can be connected with air conditioners. They use Lennox’s groundbreaking technologies to provide a constant flow of air, and some of the air handlers we offer at Air Temperature Control in Macon are the quietest on the market.

Since your air is constantly in motion, air handlers increase circulation and indoor air quality, helping prevent pollutants and allergens from settling and accumulating inside your home. These products are energy efficient, too, with a couple models using variable speed technology to adjust the necessary air speed according to your needs. This helps saves energy, which translates to lower energy expenses. Greater control, greater comfort and lower energy costs – you can’t get much better than that!

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