Even though temperatures are just right indoors, some homeowners find their sense of comfort does not feel complete. The usual culprit is poor indoor air quality, with allergens and airborne debris stirring up a number of problems. From triggering asthma to fostering mold, improving air quality should be considered an important part of your overall HVAC plan.

Fortunately, homeowners have a solution at hand. Whole-house air purifiers can remove these troublesome particles, improving health and well-being. And as the name points out, they’re powerful enough to do so for every part of your home! Installing an air purifier with help from Air Temperature Control might help you to iron out those stubborn comfort problems.

But wait, aren’t there air purifiers that are portable? While the principle is mostly the same, you’ll quickly discover these smaller designs aren't as efficient. But you deserve to know for certain. We’ll share some details about why whole house air purification is the right choice over portables. This and other indoor air quality services in Macon are some of your best tools for achieving your desired air quality.

Why Do I Need an Air Purification System?

When you think about pollution or airborne particles, things like pollen, animal dander, and even industrial fumes may be what you think of first. These substances are all easily found outdoors, but it’s when they find their way indoors that they really start causing trouble.

This stems from the fact that modern homes are constructed with a tight seal between the indoors and outdoors. This is great for keeping heating and cooling from escaping, but it unintentionally results in the indoor air turning stagnant.

An air purifier, especially a whole-house model, catches an enormous variety of airborne particles in their filters, blocking them from circulating through your home. You may even notice you find yourself dusting less often!

For the Most Part, Whole House Air Purification a Whole-House Air Purifier Is the Better Investment

Cost remains a priority, and some people see the more affordable price tag of a portable air purifier as an important factor in the decision. But when the goal is optimal air quality all year long, the strength of whole-house air purification becomes evident:

  1. A single system ensures clean air throughout your home: You won’t have to carry a portable purifier around from room to room since whole-house models are powerful enough to filter out pollutants across your entire home.
  2. Far more economical over time: Rather than keeping multiple units in different rooms, a single, whole-house air purification system ensures high air quality for years and years. This kind of resilience also prevents dust and debris from making it into the rest of your HVAC system, as this could improve the efficiency of your HVAC system as a whole.
  3. Less maintenance is needed because of advanced filter technology: Clogged ventilation is one of the most common reasons you start having issues with your HVAC system’s performance. An air purification system helps keep these filters from getting clogged in the first place with their own impressive designs. For example, air purifiers with a HEPA filter give you access to superior air quality for residential properties.

For a Typical Household, Look for MERV Ratings Around 8

The Minimum Efficiency Rating Value (MERV) system was developed to help homeowners make informed decisions about the degree of air filtration they’re working with. While a higher MERV rating means more filtration, that isn’t necessarily something your average home needs.

The scale goes up to 20, but this is unnecessary outside of specialized facilities like the surgery theater in a hospital. For standard residential use, a MERV rating of 8 is usually enough. The air quality experts at Air Temperature Control can help you determine precisely which option will satisfy your needs.